I would like to write my entries on a computer, is it possible?

Daylio is not being developed for computers or web. We are a small indie app, and we focus on doing what we know as best we can. At this point, we do not have the resources necessary to develop a desktop app, maintain it, and have seamless communication between all your platforms.

Android Emulator

If you rather use Daylio on your computer and are not afraid of extra work, you can use an Android 🤖 emulator. One of the trusted emulators is Bluestacks - this is not a recommendation; you need to do your own research.

⚠️ However, if you are running two or more Daylio apps on one account, you need to backup and restore every time you want to switch the device. Therefore we always recommend using only one app, and if you choose a computer, it will be much easier to use a computer only. This is due to the high privacy 🔒 your data are not on our servers, making real-time synchronization hard.

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