What is CSV and how does it look?

You can download a CSV file with your entries and analyze or print it. CSV file cannot be used for a Backup or Restore. We support only Google Drive or iCloud backups.

CSV means literally "comma-separated values" and it is the most common file type that can be imported and read by any table editor like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Apple Numbers.

To export CSV just go to More > Export Entries and select the app of your choice.

The data looks like this when you open it in notepad and each comma stands for a new column:

2016,December 12,22:01,awful,work | relax | friends | party | movies | gaming | shopping | good meal | cleaning,I wanna rest. 
016,December 11,22:01,fugly,relax | friends | date | reading | gaming | shopping | cleaning,Funny day!

Of course, it looks much better in the table :D

If you want to know how to import the .csv file into your favorite program, you can follow these guides:

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