How to export PDF

The PDF file is best for sharing with friends, family or consultants, and doctors. It is in a simple and nice layout, where you can see all your entries, one by one.

You can choose the export period - last 7 days, last 30 days, last week, last month or all time. When you have many entries "all-time" might take a while to generate.

There is an option to Show counts - this will include a table with all your moods and activities on the top.

Once the file is ready you can choose to store PDF on your Google Drive, Dropbox, or other storage platform or send it via email. The sharing apps are selected automatically by your Android and they depend on you the apps you have installed.

PDF export failed? If you have an issue with exporting entries try to export them without photos or a shorter period. Generating PDF files is a demanding task for your phone and with too much data the memory of the device will at some point be full and the app will crash.

Export menu Export options Exported PDF file

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