How to set up goals

In the Android version 1.41.0 and Apple version 1.37.0 we have added a new feature - Goals Challenges. This will help you to motivate yourself and track important activities to build a habit. There are two types of goals that you can track in Daylio app. 

1. Goals made of the activities and 2. Goals Challenges.

Create a goal

To create a goal:

  1. Go to the More tab
  2. Tap on Goals and create a new goal
  3. Select an existing activity, suggested ones, or create a new activity
  4. Set repetition, reminders, time, notification text, and start date
  5. Save the goal and you are ready to go.

Track a goal

Once you have your goal set up and linked to the activity next time you add an entry and select the goal activity it will be automatically counted

You will see the goal progress in the Stats on the Goal card, or in the Goals section in More

Goal properties

We measure:

  • Streak - a number of consecutive days containing the goal activity. In order to motivate the users, it does not depend on when the goal is made, but if the total count fits the desired goal.
  • Longest Streak - your all-time longest streak
  • Completion Rate - the ratio of opportunities and successfully completed goals, this means when you set the goal for 5 times a week and you manage to do it 5 times, the number will be 100%, when you do it only 4 times, the number is 80%
  • Total Completions - the number of all times you have done the activity (activity is counted once a day at max)

Goals Challenges

There are 8 areas of Goals Challenges: 

  • Self-Growth
  • Break Bad Habits
  • Happy Couple
  • Focus on Family
  • Live Healthier
  • Reduce Stress
  • Get FIt
  • Better Sleep

Now, we look forward to hearing from you about how you like Goals. We hope they will help you to further customize and utilize Daylio as your tracking and life-changing tool :D

Rename a goal

In Daylio goals are just tracking the activities you have. So to rename the goal you need to rename the activity. Just go to More > Edit Activities; tap on the activity and change the name.

Negative goals

You can use goals also for tracking negative actions - for example when I wanted to quit smoking I have created a "no smoking" activity and selected it each day when I had no cigarette. 

It might be a little counter-intuitive, however, we believe it is better than reward users who just forget to track smoking. This way, your active participation helps to build a stronger habit.


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