How about location and weather?

We try to keep Daylio as simple as possible - so we ask how are you and what are you doing?

Sometimes you would like to store weather. Since most of the time people have only one entry per day - it is not useful, since weather tends to change a few times a day. To remove any inaccuracy which might due to technical, time or location limits we decided to add WEATHER ICONS to activities. So if you think it was raining all day it probably affected your mood and you can select RAIN.

Reasons for not adding location are somewhat similar. So if you have been to multiple locations but you are adding an entry at night at home, your location would still be home, but you are telling us about your whole day. Therefore we have ACTIVITY ICONS which can apply to home, school, work, shop etc. so you can choose your locations manually.

In stats, you will see the relationship between moods and activities - even when the activity is weather or location.

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