Cannot create a backup

Common issues

When you cannot create a backup, the most common issues are in internet access or cloud provider (Google or Apple). Please review the following points:

  • Is your device connected to the internet?
    • Being on wifi might not mean you are connected to the internet.
  • Has Daylio app access to the internet?
    • Some devices allow turning off the internet access per app
  • Are you using a VPN? 
    • There might be some settings blocking Daylio or cloud services.
  • Are you using company devices? 
    • Companies might have policies to restrict data or app usage.
  • Are you connected to unreliable or free public wifi?
    • Some wifi networks might restrict app data usage or might not be connected to the internet at all.
  • Does your Google Drive or iCloud Drive works? 
    • You can try to reach your cloud storage via native apps. Sometimes only some services are offline and we need to wait to reconnect.
  • Do you have enough storage space?
    • Daylio backups are very small - few kilobytes, like text files, but once you exceeded your quota, the drive will not allow storing anything.
  • Do you have Google Play Services?
    • Google Play Services is a native Android app that is required for the Google app ecosystem to work. By default, it is preinstalled on most of Android phones and cannot be removed. However some Android systems do not have these services or allow you to uninstall them.
  • Unknown Google Drive errors occurred?
    • Clear cache on Google Play Services and reboot the phone.

Android: Never-ending loading

After you pick an account for backups you should see the screen where you allow Daylio to access your Google Drive and basic profile info. It looks like Google is having some issues with users who don't use "" suffix and display 'infinite loading' indicator.

Several users reported that these steps helped to resolve this issue:

  • In a web browser login to your Gmail account and go to Gmail settings.
  • Go to the "accounts and import" tab
  • Find the label "Send as" for your Gmail account and next, to it, you have to use the link "change to" and confirm that.
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