How do I delete backups?

Tip from Pro: You can delete all your data. But if you trying to save storage space it is not worth risking your backups - they are very small.


We keep the backups because people tend to delete something then back up and afterward they often like to restore old versions. So better be safe than sorry, especially if the files are really small and always stored on your phone or your cloud storage.

Daylio keeps the last 50 to 100 backups. Old files are deleted after a successful backup. These files are very small (approx. 10-100 kB). So even when you have 50 backups, it should not use more space than 3 regular photos on your cloud storage. The oldest backups are continuously replaced by new ones.

We calculated that even if you add a photo every day, your yearly backup should be around 22 MB. For comparison blank Facebook app (without cache) has 280 MB, and the popular Fornite game 7.5 GB (7500 MB).


  • Remove local data
    • Just delete and install the app again to lose all your local data.
    • Or you can go to Settings > Apps and Remove data from the Daylio Settings page in your Android system. 
  • Remove cloud data


  • Remove local data
    • You can just delete and install the app again to lose all your local data. 
  • Remove cloud data
    • If you have iCloud backup you can go to iPhone Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage > Daylio and tap Delete Data.
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