How can I share my data?

There are many ways how you can share your data with other people:

  • Share STATS. Go to the Stats screen and tap the export icon in the top right corner of the stat card. Each card has its own export button. This will generate a picture that you can share with others.
  • Share ENTRIES. Go to More > Export Entries.
    • Here you can select the print-friendly and visually appealing PDF files. Learn more...
    • Or general table data in CSV format. Learn more...
  • Share screenshot. We are just putting this option here in case somebody forgot it is one of the possibilities. You can screenshot the current view and it will be saved to your phone as a picture that you can share with your friends or doctor. You can use your phone editing features to paint into the picture to hide the sensitive information. We have many Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram fans who do just this!
Export Stats
Export Entries
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